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Ticket Printing

Quality printed ticket with additional layers of security.

Phishing Detect

Full color Wristbands

Brilliant full color synthentic wristbands.

Smart Scan

Validation/Check in System

For easy validation of tickets and entry/re-ntry of your guests.

Real-time Statistics

Using our offline check in system, at any time during the event,
you can verify the number of sold tickets that have been scanned.

You can also view how many of your guests are currently present when using the entry/re-entry function.

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Fast and reliable

You can use phones and/or barcode scanners with our system. Delivering a flexible and fast check-in experience.
Our system is offline thus not affected by internet connectivity problems.

Safe and reliable

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Event Tickets

from $ 0.15 / ticket.

  • * Quality Print and Design
  • * Perforation and Stubs
  • * Barcoding and Holograms
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Full Color Wristbands

from $ 0.18 / wristband.

  • * Black and White Print
  • * Full color print
  • * Barcoding and Holograms
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Check-in System


  • * Hours of scanning
  • * Reantal of Barcode Scanners
  • * Rental of Computers
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